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After dedicatedly directing early stage investments for nine years, our growth has led us to evolve into a single family office focusing on seed-stage venture capital fund. We aim to support Emerging VC managers concentrating on seed investments through strategic investments as an LP and by delivering added-value. As a single family office, we are no longer directly investing in startups ourselves and are not fundraising or taking on outside capital. Our current role is to support the next generation of seed-focused VCs

click ventures

We believe

the world is full of old processes that can be re-designed or even disrupted by new technology and innovative business model.

We support

emerging managers who have access and ability to pick innovators who utilizes new technology to
re-imagine processes and business models to
re-define how we live, work and interact.

We are top performing investor

-Most consistent Top Performing
(All Vintages, Preqin Greater China, 2021)
-Consistent Top Performing
(Preqin Gobal, 2019)
-Top 5 Performing Seed Funds
(Vintage 2003-2015 Funds, Preqin, 2018)

Here are some of the emerging managers that we have invested and collaborated. This is just the beginning of our new journey!

- Sogal Ventures
- Orange Fund
- SharePost Opportunity Fund

Leonis Capital

Crypto VC


- Shima Capital
- Decentral Park
- Animoca
- Spartan



DOS Capital

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the team

carman chan
founder & managing partner
Leo head photo.jpg
leo chiu
chief technology partner
jenni risku
Impact Partner
jeffrey nah
venture partner, singapore
anna palo
portfolio support
matt cheng
advisor, us & china
christopher kile
advisor, us & europe
carina yoo
advisor, US, ASIA
john yeh
advisor, taiwan
wang yi
advisor, china

empower with global insight

We pass on our insight and learning from exploring global ecosystems to those who wish to make the world a better place. 

click academy

Click Academy is a Click Ventures global initiative to give back to startup ecosystems by nurturing innovators and ecosystem stakeholders.

We share our observations and learnings from decades of building and supporting early stage ventures through both online and offline means. We seek to add value to our portfolio companies and to help others who are interested in exploring the startup ecosystem.



We visit global ecosystems and leading industry conferences to learn about the latest cutting-edge technology and exchange insight with other world class investors.


We write about the latest trends in technology and investments here: 


Our written pieces


Our Keynote Slides



As seen on:

NAR-Primary-square-logo20180405RGB (1).p
Our innovators in action:

tiffany pham

@ mogul

Tiffany shared with CNBC about her top tips for entrepreneurs after sucessfully founding Mogul, the platform behind the #readmylips campaign that created 2B+ impressions around the world and empower millions of women. 

our innovators

We believe business models that effectively acquire assets to create network effects that can form a deep moat around the company.  


Innovators that we support can articulate a business model empowered by the connectivity of internet and mobile to rapidly scale in a capital efficient way.

Social networking service that allows users to organize meetings offline related to their shared interests and passions

World's leaders of AAA console quality games for mobile devices

university marketing platform that helps agencies drive social media engagement through sponsorship campaigns

Digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs.

Electronic signature industry leader

Mogul is an award-winning platform for women worldwide that enables you to share your voice, exchange information, and access knowledge

Data-driven research platform that provides analytical information on startups, their trends, and both current and expected future valuations

Curated marketplace for gourmet food and food gifts that gathers regional food makers and small-batch artisans

Builds software that connects data, technologies, humans and environments
Helps travelers do incredible things, with zero planning.

Largest crowdfunding portal that allows you to invest as little as US$100

Mobile app advertiser delivering unprecedented insight into the mobile user experience, using artificial intelligence and machine learning

World's first truly smart sleep mask, developed to help individuals with the worst cases of insomnia get the peaceful sleep they long for

Platform for university student economy

Modular smartwatch with customizable wearable sensors, engineered to minimize waste and maximize resources.

The first platform in the world capable of maintaining compliance for global ICOs and the secondary trading of Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, & Regulated Digital Assets.
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 4.14.01 PM.png

Unlocks the value of start up employee’s equity compensation in a way that benefits all key players for start ups

Offers an AI-powered, cloud-connected security camera for businesses.

Cloud-based, all-in-one platform designed for corporate event planners and marketers.

Lifestyle brand building a new category of real estate between hotel and housing

On-demand marketplace for experiences around food

Pioneered a quantitative strategy for art asset acquisition, allowing for targeting investment decisions in segments that have shown both strong historical returns and high liquidity.

On-demand expert network

Gear rental marketplace for content creators and media companies.

Startup Media Business

Empowers businesses to deliver amazing customer experiences with high-quality QA services

Teaches kids ages 6-12 engineering and programming with a focus on teamwork, creativity, and design thinking

China influencer marketing platform for brands & KOLs.

Provides brands with an artificial intelligence platform to discover and match with talent based on real-time audience data across social platforms

Lifestyle brand that creates upscale, tech-savvy sex products.

Building Identity technology by  leveraging distributed ledgers and blockchain.

The best tool for email introductions.

API that powers 30+ world's leading companies, banks, and mobile wallets.

Help companies build offshore technical teams in Indonesia, connecting great jobs and projects to amazing technical talents from Indonesia.

A community platform for beauty inspiration and conversation where you can share your looks and connect with beauty lovers from around the world

The sleek smart ring that turns your hand into a phone.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.33.19

Smart, affordable and on-demand micro- mobility for everyone.
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.37.19
Jumpstart Magazine is a fast growing  startup magazine read by entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses in Asia

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